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Laboratory Fire Emergency

III. Fire Emergency
NOW IS THE TIME TO PLAN! The most effective way to fight a fire is to prevent them from occurring. All Columbia University staff have a responsibility to contribute to the University’s efforts to prevent fires.

BE PREPARED! Know where the exits are and where they lead. You can evacuate vertically down the stairs or horizontally into another building, where appropriate. Know the location of the laboratory’s fire extinguisher, fire blanket and fire pull stations.
REMEMBER!  In the event of a fire, REMEMBER: RACE and PASS

RACE (in the event of a fire)
R = RESCUE anyone in danger
A = ACTIVATE the nearest ALARM
C = CONTAIN the fire (close doors as you leave)
E = EXTINGUISH small, manageable fires



PASS (for fire extinguisher use)
P = PULL the pin
A = AIM the nozzle at the base of the fire
S = SQUEEZE the handle
S = SWEEP from side-to-side

Alert people in the area that there is a fire emergency.  Report all fire emergencies to Public Safety immediately.