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Laboratory Relocation Guide

Relocating a laboratory can be a very complex undertaking and requires detailed planning. Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) has developed a guide and this webpage to provide information and assistance to laboratories during the relocation process. Whether the move is off campus, on campus, or the laboratory is closing permanently, this guide will provide you with the necessary information to ensure a safe, regulatory compliant and timely move.
Timely notification is key, as EH&S strives to deliver timely service and assistance. It’s important to know the scope of the move and the materials being relocated. This information will determine the types of services that will be required. Please submit a Laboratory Relocation/Decommissioning Form to EH&S upon notification and provide as many details as possible.

  • Laboratory Relocation Guide Full Document  
  • General Guidelines for Moving Your Laboratory
  • Moving Chemicals Safely
  • Moving Radioactive Materials Safely
  • Moving Biological Materials Safely
    • Exempt Human or Animal Specimens Biological Substance         
    • Biological Substance, Category B
    • Biological Substance, Category A
    • Select Agents
  • Moving DEA Controlled Substances
  • Moving Equipment             
    • Office equipment and furniture
    • Equipment Clearance Process
    • General Laboratory Equipment Clearance
    • Radioactive Equipment Clearance
  • Laboratory Vacating Procedures