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Environmental Health
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Medical Center
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Mailbox #8
New York, NY  10032
Phone:  (212) 305-6780


Morningside Campus
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Red is the New Green-Reusable Sharps Containers

In January 2009, EH&S took another big step toward reducing the environmental footprint of one more of the University’s waste disposal programs.  EH&S in partnership with CUMC
Facilities and BioSystems, the University’s vendor for sharps disposal, began the phased
implementation of reusable regulated medical waste (RMW) sharps containers.  Under the new program, reusable containers are retrieved from the laboratory by a BioSystems technician, transported to an off-site management facility where they are robotically emptied, sanitized, and returned to use.  The new containers are sturdier than the single-use version and can be reused up to 500 times, eliminating a significant volume of plastic from the nation’s already stressed landfills.  

Since the program’s inception at Morningside and the Hammer Health Sciences Center at CUMC, 1,600 pounds of plastic and 80 pounds of cardboard have been kept out of  landfills. 
We have prevented the emission of 928 pound of CO2, the amount generated by burning fifty gallons of gasoline or using eighteen propane barbeque tanks.  

Reminder – recombinant DNA

The NIH Guidelines require that all work (regardless of funding support source) with
recombinant DNA (rDNA), including in vitro-only projects, must be described in a submittal for review to the University’s Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).  To submit your lab’s rDNA work:  Go https://www.rascal.columbia.edu.
¨ Select ‘Hazardous Materials’ from the menu on the left side of the welcome screen
¨ Log in with your CU UNI and password
¨ Select and then complete and save “Recombinant DNA (Appendix A)” which can then either be attached to an IACUC protocol or submitted directly to EH&S for in vitro-only activities using rDNA.

Follow the Yellow Bin Road- CTS Bench top Yellow Bins

To ensure the effective function of the ChemTracker program at Morningside, all empty
bar-coded containers must be deposited in the large yellow ChemTracker bins so they can be properly scanned out of active inventory.  To assist labs with the efficient handling of small, empty bar-coded containers, before depositing them into the large yellow bins, EH&S offers small two gallon yellow bins that can be kept on the bench to collect multiple small
containers.  If interested in one of these smaller containers, please submit a chemical waste pick up request (http://vesta.cumc.columbia.edu/ehs/wastepickup/) and note in the comment section the number of containers needed.

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