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Surveys with a Purpose
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Personal Protective Equipment …What You Need To Know
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Chemical Hygiene Plan Redux
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Vacating a Laboratory Efficiently and Effectively
The Case for Personnel Radiation Monitoring
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Surveys with a Purpose by Maytal Rand

EH&S will begin its next round of annual laboratory safety surveys this Fall. The objective of
these surveys is to assist the Columbia University research community in creating an environment of
safety and hazard awareness through a collaborative approach to identifying existing safety and
compliance issues along with proactive planning to mitigate potential future concerns. Fall 2012
laboratory surveys will focus primarily on:

1.   Training: lab personnel must have current safety training (i.e., Lab Safety, Hazardous Waste, Bloodborne Pathogens, Radiation Safety, etc.) as indicated by each laboratory’s specific needs
2.   Emergency Equipment: eyewash is checked at least weekly, spill kits stocked and accessible
3.   Engineering Controls: fume hood and biosafety cabinet are certified and used properly
4.   Personal  Protective  Equipment  (PPE):  appropriate  PPE  is  available  and  worn  by  all laboratory personnel, in addition to appropriate lab attire:

  •  Lab coats
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Dosimeter Badge
  • Closed toe shoes
  •  Long pants

5.  Chemical Handling and Storage:

  • Compressed Gas Cylinders: properly stored and restrained (leak sensor present, if needed)
  • Chemicals: properly labeled with no abbreviations or chemical formulae

6.   General Housekeeping: entrances, exits, aisles, safety equipment, and sprinkler heads free of obstructions

Subsequent to each survey, EH&S will issue a written report to the laboratory. EH&S will schedule
time to discuss the findings and corrective actions from each laboratory's individual survey at a
post-survey meeting. This will be a training opportunity and the meeting time will afford the
laboratory an opportunity to receive essential and laboratory-specific feedback from the survey and
provide direct access to an EH&S Research Safety Specialist to discuss any research safety issue.
As an added benefit, EH&S will provide credit for completing the University-required Laboratory
Safety/Chemical Hygiene/Hazardous Waste Management training for all laboratory personnel in
attendance at the post-survey meeting. In addition to customized training specifically suited to
the laboratory's needs, this arrangement offers the advantage of collectively saving the laboratory
hours of time away from the bench.

Should you have any questions about the upcoming safety survey, please contact a Research Safety
Specialist to help you in your preparation: http://www.ehs.columbia.edu/ LabAssignment.html.


Online Safety Data Information (SDS)


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