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Safety Campaign Updates by Chris Pettinato, Executive Director

In the Summer 2014 edition of SafetyMatters, EH&S announced Columbia University’s Research Safety Campaign. Our efforts kicked-off in June, in conjunction with the National Safety Council’s National Safety Month, with a video message from Dr. Purdy (see “Spotlight on Safety” in this edition). EH&S also launched a Safety Culture webpage (, and held eight very successful safety tabling events, where more than 650 members from the University’s research community engaged with EH&S and completed the Safety Challenge. EH&S wishes to thank everyone who was able to
pay us a visit at one of the tables.
These tabling events were followed by laboratory visits from EH&S promoting the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in research laboratories ( in late June and early July. Subsequently, EH&S, along with an independent auditor, visited over 100 laboratories across the University to determine the research community’s “inspection readiness” by assessing the availability, selection and use of PPE in laboratories, the Laboratory Assessment Tool and Chemical Hygiene Plan (LATCH) (, storage and use of hazardous gases, and other laboratory safety program elements. Thank you to the laboratories who volunteered to be
audited and to those who participated through selection. The campaign will continue into the Fall and for the foreseeable future as we endeavor to continue to build on and improve the University’s safety culture. We look forward to engaging with you at future events, during a laboratory visit, or at one of your laboratory group meetings.
Thank you again for your commitment and contributions to the Columbia University Research Safety Campaign.   

Give Me 5 by Keith Bottum, Hazardous Materials Specialist

New York City now accepts #5 plastics for recycling, meaning that the hundreds of pipette tip boxes previously thrown away by University research laboratories as trash can be recycled. So, locate your nearest plastics recycling container(s) and begin recycling today.

For additional information or assistance locating your nearest recycling container, please visit:
Columbia University Medical Center Facilities @
Columbia University Morningside Facilities @
The Office of Environmental Stewardship @


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