Dosimeter Badge Reference Guide by Daniela Nicoletti, Dosimetry Coordinator


Radioactive waste mis-management by Lauren Kelly – Hazardous Materials Program

Recently, while completing regular waste pick-up rounds, an EH&S team member was splashed with an unknown liquid that was inappropriately discarded in a 1 gallon “sharps” container. It was later determined the liquid contained 0.04 microcuries of 35S, a radioactive isotope. Thankfully, the safety professional was wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (including a coat, gloves and safety glasses) so that exposed skin covered preventing bodily contamination.

To prevent future occurrences and avoid unnecessary injuries to you, your colleagues and EH&S personnel who handle your waste, always wear appropriate personal protective equipment when working with or around hazardous materials … and always manage laboratory waste in accordance with University policies for radioactive, chemical and regulated medical wastes … Proper waste management includes using only an appropriate collection container for your laboratory’s wastes, and labeling all waste collection containers appropriately with the contents (including the chemical name).

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