Chemical Segregation Word Scramble by Maytal Rand – Research Safety Program

Proper storage of hazardous chemicals is one of the most important and challenging laboratory safety initiatives. Chemical segregation is a perennial target during EH&S laboratory safety surveys, as well as weekly laboratory inspections performed by FDNY (see By the Numbers, in this issue). Unscramble the following words as a reminder of some chemical categories requiring segregation in the laboratory:










Please note, this Spring, EH&S will be releasing a RASCAL module on the basics of chemical segregation violations. Labs that have received recent violations for chemical storage issues will find this module particularly instructive in avoiding future findings. As always, the Research Safety Program is available to guide your lab towards the best corrective actions and safe work practices.

Welcome, Barnard College!

Columbia University is pleased to welcome Barnard College to the growing community served by EH&S. The partnership is an opportunity for EH&S to continue its tradition of providing expert guidance and timely service to the University community by enabling Barnard College to advance their laboratory health and safety goals.

Coming soon….

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory will be joining Morningside campus to use the ChemTracker system this spring.

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