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Biological Materials Shipping Manual by Kevin McGhee

Shipping hazardous materials can be a confusing and time-consuming task, given the complexity and number of rules that must be strictly adhered to for a hazardous materials shipment to be considered properly and safely prepared for transport. EH&S is here to help. The recently launched Biological Materials Shipping Manual will serve as a valuable tool for streamlining the process for trained and certified laboratory personnel to ship biological materials. While this manual is not a substitute for hazardous materials shipping training and certification, which are required by regulation and University policy, it is designed to serve as a comprehensive guide to remind shippers of the correct classification of materials for shipment, as well as the selection and preparation of packaging materials, labels and markings, and completion of all necessary documentation. The manual will guide trained and certified shippers needing to transport exempt human and animal specimens, genetically modified organisms/microorganisms (GMO/GMMO), biological substances, category B (BSCB), excepted quantities of dangerous goods used as preservatives, and dry ice.

The new manual can be found @: http://ehs.columbia.edu/BiologicalMaterialsShippingManual.pdf.
Additional information about hazardous materials shipping can be found @: http://ehs.columbia.edu/ShippingHazMaterials.html.
Assistance may be requested by contacting hazshipping@columbia.edu.

Prior to preparing a shipment, training and certification must first be completed through the RASCAL Training Center at http://www.rascal.columbia.edu. See courses TC0076 (Shipping with Dry Ice, Exempt Specimens and Excepted Quantities of Dangerous Goods) and/or TC0507 (Shipping Biological (infectious and potentially infectious) Materials and Genetically Modified Microorganisms (GMMO)).

Live training for groups may be arranged upon request.

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