Radiation Safety Training and Exposure Limit

Prior to working with radioactive material or a radiation producing machine, it is mandatory for all personnel to attend an initial radiation safety training. This was the case for the high school students attending summer training at Nevis Laboratory (see photograph). The students, currently attending Stuyvesant High School, are minors and are monitored carefully so that any exposure does not exceed the limit of 100 mRem per year. The limit for adult workers (18 years and older) is 5000 mRem per year. Pregnant radiation workers are encouraged to declare their pregnancy so that the Radiation Safety Office can issue a special film badge and ensure that the limit of 500 mRem per gestation period (or 50 mRem per month) is not exceeded.




Laboratory Glassware Recycling-Morningside Campus

EH&RS/EH&S is working hard to make sure laboratories are compliant with local, state and federal regulations, and to reduce the environmental impact of research.

EH&RS/EH&S and the Chemistry department implemented a laboratory glass recycling program at the Morningside campus in September of 2006.  The program allows clean glass to be separated and recycled; previously all glass was incinerated whether it was contaminated or not.  This program is built on the foundation of a similar program successfully operated by the Biological Sciences Department for many years.

Since its inception in September 2006, the glass recycling program has accomplished the following:
 * Over 5 tons of clean glassware have been recycled and kept out of the waste stream
* Glass slated for incineration has been reduced by close to 50%
* Glass disposal costs to the university have been reduced by over 40%

All of this was accomplished by simply adding a cardboard glass recycling bin along with a blue bin for dirty glassware. 



Help be part of Columbia University’s effort and commitment to the environment by recycling your uncontaminated glassware.  It’s simple: if you use glassware make sure you have a cardboard glass bin in your lab, this bin will be recycled.  Cardboard glass recycling boxes can be obtained from ChemStores and the Biology Stockroom.  If you have questions regarding what can be recycled and what can’t, refer to our glass management chart at:

HazardousWaste.html or ask one of your Hazardous Materials or Lab Safety Officers.



Environmental Health & Radiation Safety /Environmental Health & Safety


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Morningside Campus
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