Are You Shipshape? by Christopher Aston

Did you know that dry ice, as well as certain specimens and biological materials, when offered for shipment, are classified as dangerous goods/hazardous materials? Training and certification are required for all individuals involved in any aspect of shipping hazardous materials/ dangerous goods, including packaging of these materials, labeling of packages, or preparing/ signing shipping paperwork. Columbia University offers this training for shippers of dry ice and certain biological materials; please note that shippers of chemicals and other hazardous materials must contact EH&S for assistance. The training, which must be renewed every 2 years, is available via Rascal.

In addition to training, compliance with shipping regulations requires that copies of shipping documents be retained by the shipper for two years and that they be readily accessible to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspectors and EH&S staff. In fact, failure to attend training< and failure to maintain shipping documents are two of the most frequently cited violations by the FAA, and these violations can carry steep penalties.

In order to optimize Columbia's shipping program, EH&S is requesting feedback from any investigators who have been trained on this topic. A short online survey, which you may have already received by email, is available:

Please help us to understand your needs. EH&S is available to help classify your shipment, complete shipper's declaration forms, commercial invoices and FedEx airway bills, select and review your packaging, advise on dry ice quantities and assist with international shipping and permitting. Request help with your next shipment by completing our "Intent to Ship Hazardous Materials Form" .

Ergonomic Computer Workshop by Terrence Jaimungal

While the ”NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules” have been in effect for over thirty years, it is only EH&S is enhancing its office ergonomics program and transitioning to a population-based program that will allow us to reach a broader audience at Columbia University. In partnership with the Office of Work Life, EH&S has already launched the new Ergonomic Workshop Program. The Workshop will provide helpful tips and< techniques about how to set up your workstation so that you can perform your job functions in a manner that will mitigate ergonomic risk factors and allow attendees to test various workstation arrangements< to feel the differences between ergonomically fit and unfit workstation designs. Information about ergonomics, as well as a schedule for the Ergonomic Workshops, is available ergoSetup


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