Winter 2007 Newsletter
Volume 1, Issue 1


In this issue of Safety Matters



Welcome to the first Newsletter of Columbia University's Office of Environmental Health & Radiation Safety/Environmental Health & Safety (EH&RS/EH&S) integrated campuses. We are pleased to present you with this inaugural edition and appreciate your taking the time to read this. We welcome your suggestions and comments for future topics and content. It is our plan for the newsletter to reflect the broad range of services at both the Morningside Heights (MS) and Medical Center (CUMC) campuses as well as to provide useful material and articles related to our services.

Mission Statement

Columbia University is committed to establishing and maintaining a healthful and safe work environment for our staff, students, neighbors and surrounding communities. Through the recognition, evaluation, and control of personal and environmental hazards, the University strives to eliminate individual risk and the environmental impact of its activities.

Environmental Health & Radiation Safety/Environmental Health & Safety (EH&RS/EH&S) provides a broad range of services and actively develops partnerships with faculty and departmental personnel to ensure a safe work environment and compliance with University policy and applicable regulations in the most efficient manner possible. These endeavors are realized through programs such as safety training, laboratory and chemical safety, hazardous waste management, industrial hygiene, occupational safety, asbestos and lead management, biological safety, fire safety, chemical tracking and radiation protection in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.


Goals of Columbia University’s EH&RS/EH&S’s health & safety programs include:
  • Setting an example for effective health and safety programs;
  • Minimizing exposure to hazardous chemical, physical or biological agents;
  • Minimizing work related injury and illness; and
  • Minimizing impact to the environment.
Office Locations

Medical Center
Environmental Health & Safety
630 West 168th Street, Mailbox #8
New York, NY  10032
Telephone:  (212) 305-6780
E-mail: ehs-hs@columbia.edu
Website:  http:/cumc.columbia.edu/dept/ehs

Morningside Campus
Environmental Health & Radiation Safety
S.W. Mudd Building, Suite 350
New York, NY  10027
Telephone:  (212) 854-8749
E-mail: ehs-safety@columbia.edu
Website:  http://www.ehrs.columbia.edu/

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