Important Changes to FDNY Lab Inspections  

The FDNY has instituted new procedures when they discover violations in a laboratory. Principal Investigators and laboratory staff need to be fully aware of the new procedures outlined below:

  • The FDNY Lab Inspectors will issue Notice of Violation (NOV's) for common violations in laboratories. (The old practice had been for the FDNY Lab Inspectors to issue a "book violation" which did not require the return of a notarized Certificate of Correction).
  • The Principal Investigator will be responsible for returning a NOTARIZED "Certificate of Correction" within 35 days. If the Certificate of Correction is not returned within 35 days, the responsible PI MUST appear at an Environmental Control Board (ECB) hearing, at the time and place indicated on the NOV.  A Notary is on staff at EH&RS/EH&S to notarize "Certificates of Correction."
  • The FDNY inspector will audit 15% of all written NOV's.  If a repeat violation is found on the audit, the responsible PI must appear at the ECB hearing and may be subject to a fine of up to $1,000 per violation. The PI must appear at the hearing on the scheduled date!A Certification of Correction can not be filed a lab is found to have committed a repeat violation

A Certificate of Correction is not difficult to complete.  When the FDNY Lab Inspector issues a Notice of Violation, he will give the PI two copies:one copy will be green and one copy will be gold.Certificate of Correction, and instructions on how to fill it out, is on the back of the gold copy.Please fill it out, have it notarized and submit it in a timely manner.You should also read the back of the green copy to learn about the penalties for failure to correct the violation.

If you have any questions about NOV's or Certificates of Corrections, please visit:

The following table will help focus on most of the commonly cited violations; inspect your lab and make sure that you are not in violation in any of these areas.

Following are the *commonly cited violations by FDNY in laboratories*; inspect your lab and make sure that you are not in violation in any of these areas.

    * Flammable liquids stored in refrigerator (any amount)
    * Discard/Date 2-propanol (must be used with in year of the date)
    * Unsecured Compressed Gas cylinder
    * Expired Certificate of Fitness Holder / Not in the laboratory
      *(see article to get COF)*
    * Fire Extinguisher Not Hung (Do not use it door opener)

* These violations accounted for 55 %(!!) of all infractions across the two campuses in 2006.
**  Data unavailable for 2004 and 2005.

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