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Proper Battery Disposal
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New federal regulations require changes to the disposal process of batteries in the recycling containers on campus. There is one easy, but critical step now necessary BEFORE depositing batteries into the recycling containers. To prevent short circuit ensure the terminals cannot come into contact with other terminals, batteries, or metal objects by using one or more of the methods described below.

Place CLEAR tape over the terminals/contact points


Place in original packaging


Place each battery into a CLEAR separate bag


Bundle the same type of batteries together and then place CLEAR tape over the tops

battery battery

Place button-style batteries on a piece of CLEAR tape small spaces apart from each other and affix another piece of tape over the top.


***Please use clear tape or clear bags only so batteries can be easily identified and sorted for recycling***

Remember Damaged or Leaking Batteries must be handled as Hazardous Waste
Please contact EH&S if your Batteries are Damaged or Leaking