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Ordering and Receipt of Radioactive Materials for Clinical Use

Radioactive materials intended for clinical use in diagnosis, treatment, and/or research shall be ordered in accordance with the provisions of the appropriate radioactive materials license (NYC 75-2878-01).  The license specifies the radionuclide, its physical form and the specific purpose for which it use is authorized.  
As with all shipments of radioactive materials, individual packages must be surveyed in accordance with procedures outlined in Rules of the City of New York, Article 175.03(j)(6):

  • Inspect the package for damage or degradation [Report packages that appear to be crushed, wet, or damaged to Radiation Safety immediately]
  • Monitor for contamination by wiping external surfaces of the package.  Report the results in DPM/100 cm2.  [Report any results more than three times background to Radiation Safety immediately]
  • Monitor radiation levels on the external surfaces of the package.  Report results in mR/hr.  [Report any readings in excess of 10 mR/hr at 1 meter to Radiation Safety immediately]

The monitoring must be performed within three hours of receipt or not later than three hours from the beginning of the next working day if the package is received after normal business hours.

Records must be maintained for three years and are subject to audit by Radiation Safety and regulatory agencies