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What kind of regulated material are you shipping?

If your material fits into one or more of the Hazard Classes listed below, your material will be regulated for shipment.    Click on the hazard class for your next step.  Limited Quantities, Excepted Quantities, and Exempt Specimens are regulated materials and require specific packing instructions and training!  If you are on this webpage and are unsure if your material is regulated please call EH&S for assistance.  We are happy to help at any step of the process.

Hazard Class


Compressed Gas

Liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide

Flammable Liquid

Xylene, Alcohol

Flammable Solid
Paraformaldehyde, Picric Acid
Potassium Permangenate, Sodium Nitrite
Poison/Infectious Substances
Phenol, Chloroform, Infectious Genetically Modified Organisms
Radioactive Material
Radiolabeled materials
Sodium Hydroxide, Sulfuric Acid
Non Infectious Genetically Modified Organisms, Magnetized Materials, Lithium Batteries, Dry Ice