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Shipping Training Matrix

Any student, faculty, staff, or volunteer involved in any step of the shipping, or transportation of hazardous materials or dangerous goods at Columbia University must be trained and certified by EH&S. 

This includes but is not limited to;

  • Any person who fills out or signs shipping papers (e.g.; airbills, dangerous goods declarations, etc.)
  • Any person who marks or labels a package containing dangerous goods or hazardous materials
  • Any person who packages or helps package a dangerous good or hazardous material
  • Any person who helps load or unload a dangerous good or hazardous material

Training is provided online through the RASCAL “Training Center” by opening the “Safety Courses” link. Following review of the course material there is a certification test. Links in the table below only enable viewing/downloading of course material, as a reference source.

Proper Shipping Name UN Number Hazard Class Applicable RASCAL Training course
Infectious substances, affecting humans UN2814 6.2 May only be shipped by EH&S
Infectious substances, affecting animals UN2900 6.2 May only be shipped by EH&S
Biological substance, Category B UN3373 6.2 TC0507
Genetically modified micro-organism UN3245 9 TC0507
Dry ice UN1845 9 TC0076
Exempt specimens None None TC0076
Non-regulated material None None TC0076