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Radioactive liquid Spill Emergency Information

In case of a radioactive liquid spill, the following steps must be taken.

  1. Do not panic. 
  2.  Inform all the personell present in the laboratory. 
  3. Inform your supervisor if he/she can be reached. 
  4. Call the Radiation Safety Office at 854-4442. 
  5. If the spill is small, wipe the area clean from the outside inward so that you do not spread the contamination. Do not forget to check your gloves frequently and change them if contaminated. If the spill is large, leave the area and wait for the radiation safety personel to assist you. 
  6. If the area is still contaminated after the cleaning, mark the area and post a radioactive sign. 
  7. If your clothes or shoes are contaminated, change them immediately. 
  8. If your hands are contaminated, wash them thoroughly several times with soap and warm water. If they are still contaminated, use a stronger detergent. Do not rub the skin too hard to avoid any damage to the skin. 
  9. Keep any contamination to a minimum area, do not spread the contamination.