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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Hazard Assessment Tool for Laboratory Activities 

The PPE Hazard Assessment Tool is a complement to the Policy for Personal Protective Equipment in Research Laboratories (PPE Policy) and is designed to help identify potential hazards to laboratory personnel and assist in appropriate PPE selection. This document is to be used for all laboratory activities performed in Columbia University laboratories and laboratory support areas.

PPE selection should be based on known and/or reasonably anticipated risk(s) posed by hazardous materials used in the laboratory, in conjunction with the procedures, processes, tasks and equipment in which they are used. The hazard assessment must also take into consideration where the material will be used and the duration of use; all in consultation with the PI, Lab Supervisor or designated PPE Responsible Party.

The PPE Hazard Assessment Tool is now available for completion electronically via an online individual Laboratory Assessment Tool and Chemical Hygiene Plan (LATCH) module, custom tailored by and for each laboratory. The PPE Hazard Assessment Tool can also be completed as an editable PDF via the link below and submitted to Research Safety at

PPEPPE Hazard Assessment Tool

EH&S Research Safety Specialists are available to work directly with laboratories in completing the PPE Hazard Assessment and in consulting on specific issues, such as choosing the most appropriate chemical-resistant gloves. This can take place both during annual laboratory safety surveys and upon request. Please contact to schedule a time to review these materials with a Research Safety Specialist.